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Tenant Health & Safety

Download our Tenants Health & Safety Manual for the Home here

Here at Affinity, we take the safety of our tenants seriously and prior to each and every tenant moving into a property, we conduct not only a detailed inventory and schedule of condition, but also a Health and Safety Risk Assessment by a member of our trained team.

Although there is little that can be done to prevent all accidents in the home, we can at least do our best to try and mitigate any such potential injury by attending and highlighting any existing hazards. It is therefore extremely important that you read through your inventory that will be issued to you on the date you move in.

We also provide you with a Health and Safety Manual which gives you safety information on all electrical devices that may exist in the property, as well as advice on Fire Safety, Preventing Legionnaire's Disease and Tackling Mould and Condensation in the home. These information leaflets and guides can also be downloaded right here from our website.

Should you identify any cause for concern within the property, or should maintenance issues arise please do report them immediately to our office either by telephone on 01908 639098 or via the 'Report Maintenance' button online. Where practical please provide us with photos as this can aid and speed up the repair.

Emergency out of hours (strictly for emergencies only that cannot wait until the next working day) please dial the office number and your call will be diverted to a member of the team.

Routine Property Visits

In order to keep both our tenants safe and properties in a good state of repair; alongside our teams visits to your rental homes, we will also ask you from time to time to complete a 'Self Property Check'.

Please feel free to complete the 'Online Self Property Check' at anytime and click submit to send through to our team. We are then able to follow up from there.

Complete your Tenant Self Property Check here;

Tenant Self-Check Property Report

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