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Agents advised to warn clients of energy efficiency scams

Agents advised to warn clients of energy efficiency scams

Monday 8th January 2024

Property agents should be aware of potential risks from fraudsters and help educate their clients and tenants to be on the lookout for common scams, Propertymark has advised.

The organisation believes that property agents' vigilance regarding scams is especially important given the growing awareness that decarbonising homes is on the UK government's agenda.

Propertymark said: "With the cost of energy rising to unprecedented levels since the beginning of 2022, a number of grants have been launched by the UK government to install energy efficiency measures, many of which are free of charge to eligible households.

"Whilst many of the schemes are genuine, there has been an increase in scams and rogue traders carrying out substandard installations and charging households for additional payments not agreed in writing."

According to Propertymark, many local councils have issued warnings to residents to be on their guard and check the details of any scheme and installer carefully before agreeing to any work, and the organisation has advised property agents to educate clients and tenants in a similar way.

In September 2023 six men were jailed for conning 62 victims out of a total of £10.5m by selling exterior wall and roof coating products they falsely claimed were 'guaranteed' to cure damp and significantly reduce heating bills.

"There is growing awareness of the need to decarbonise our homes - both for the environmental benefits and to save money on energy bills - and unscrupulous individuals are prepared to take advantage of this willingness to consider new solutions by impersonating legitimate schemes via cold calling, doorstepping and online adverts," Propertymark warned.