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Friday 18th November 2022

With EPC ratings now a prominent part of letting a property, with stricter government regulations likely, new research suggests substantial numbers of landlords and other owners are blissfully ignorant.

More than six million homeowners across the UK are unaware of their property's EPC rating, according to the MyGlazing consumer website.

As winter emerges amidst the worst energy crisis on record, the new research reveals that 43 per cent of owners don't know what their property's EPC rating is, with almost one in five not even knowing why their property has an EPC rating.

Knowing a property's EPC rating is crucial for the lettings sector as from 2025 all properties which are being let will need an EPC rating of C or above.

However, the survey also reveals that 45 per cent don't know where their EPC rating certificate is, with a similar figure not knowing it could be seen online. Some 55 per cent are unclear on how to organise a new EPC rating, and 17 per cent believing a rating cannot be improved.

"Even though EPC ratings have been overlooked in the past, the ongoing energy crisis is only going to reinforce the need for energy efficient homes and buildings across the country" explains Tom Butler from MyGlazing.

"One of the main culprits of heat loss is old draughty windows or doors. If they are not in full working order, homeowners could see up to 24 per cent of heat energy escaping, ultimately meaning homeowners are quite literally throwing money out of the window. Energy costs are soaring, so it's vital all homeowners do get the true benefit of the heat they are paying for, while avoiding excessive energy bills. One way of doing this is by making energy efficient home improvements."

Making green home improvements doesn't just have a positive impact on energy bills, but they also help increase a property's EPC rating which goes hand in hand with a property increasing in value and buyer appeal.

The research reveals a quarter of homeowners are worried their EPC rating will stop them from selling their property in the future and two in five say they wouldn't buy a character property due to fears there would be too much work to meet green targets.

Butler concludes: "Energy efficient home improvements can be costly; however, the long-term benefit makes them a real investment. In fact, homeowners said they would pay 15 per cent more for a property which has an EPC rating of C or above."

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