End of Tenancy Management


Are you confident in all the legal and practical issues surrounding end of tenancy management? This course will not just teach you about serving a section 21 notice or checking out a tenant, but provide you with a comprehensive guide to ALL areas of end of tenancy management.

The subject areas will range from a tenants notice to quit, abandonment, surrender to dealing with deposit adjudications.

Course Outline

Test your knowledge with some questions which will be covered by the course:

  • What are the legal requirements when a property is sold with a tenant in occupation?
  • Explain the procedure for serving notice when the tenant is no longer occupying the property but his friend is still in occupation.
  • The landlord's neighbour has reported that the tenants have completely moved out of the property. They are half way through a fixed term. What are your options?
  • The mortgage company have notified the tenant that the property is being repossessed for non-payment. What is your advice to the tenant?
  • The tenants have left possessions in the property at the end of the tenancy. What are your legal obligations?
  • One joint landlord has instructed you to serve notice. The other landlord is reluctant to serve notice. How do you proceed?
  • On a renewal, are you restricted by the rent increase clause in the original tenancy?
  • Are you confident with the answers? If not, this is the course for you.

As a letting agent, we have no doubt that you will be dealing with end of tenancy issues on a daily basis. This course will explain the processes and procedures involved so YOU can save time and money. Understanding the legislation and having confidence in the practical issues is essential knowledge for any letting agent.