Ever thought of becoming a landlord or perhaps you already are one. Whatever your reasons for becoming a landlord, we all have the same goal of wanting to make large chunks of money with not a great deal of work involved. If only it could be that easy. With all of the current 'red tape' that has been introduced in recent years to 'better' control the supply of rented accommodation in our industry, it could well be enough to put some investors off, which makes more of the market up for grabs for the rest of us who do know how to get it right.

Affinity was created by property management professionals to safeguard landlords' investments and ensure their portfolios are working 'smart'. Our staff each has a minimum of 10 years' experience in the industry and as an organisation we work alongside Training for Professionals, a well-known lettings training organisation to deliver the education needs for the Local Authority Landlord Accreditation Schemes. This in turn gives us access to information on available government grants for our investors. What our team of staff don't know about property management is simply not worth knowing.

Having the right letting and managing agent handling your investment is imperative to you achieving your money making goals. Get this side of things wrong and your dreams of overseas homes and retiring at 50 will without doubt slip passed you. This is an industry full of much legislation and penalties for falling foul are harsh and could end your property investment dreams in a flash.