Tenant Fees

Please find below a breakdown of all fees and potential charges that may be incurred when renting a property through Affinity Lettings. Please note, in the majority of instances only some of these charges will apply. Prices shown include VAT

Service All prices
Letting Administration Fee - Single £175.00
Additional Occupier/Guarantor £50.00 per person
Company Let £250.00
Cancellation Fee BEFORE referencing £50.00
Cancellation Fee AFTER referencing or failed referencing £100.00
Renewal of tenancy - fixed term £50.00
Continuation of Tenancy - Periodic month to month (if available) £50.00
Failure to return tenancy agreements (signed by tenants) £55.00
Reminder letter - late rent/other £25.00
Subsequent reminder letter charges £25.00
Cheque referred to drawer (to be re presented/bounced) £25.00
Change of tenant in a shared house In-coming tenant reference admin fee £175.00
Change of tenant in a shared house Plus completion of new tenancy agreement £50.00
Re-reference fee when change in circumstances (covers up to a maximum of 2 existing tenants) £175.00
Check Out at end of tenancy and deposit return assessment £50.00
Missed checkout / inspection appointment / Maintenance visit (as arranged with tenant) £50.00
Cleaner and/or gardener Per attendance
Loss or damage to landlord property Assessed individually
Failure to return keys at end of tenancy Daily rent/lock change
Changing of lock Per attendance
Maintenance caused by tenants or misuse of emergency call out service Per attendance + d 10% admin charge
Failure to complete a fixed term tenancy and landlord has agreed to release you (please note; this fee does not release you from your tenancy responsibilities. Liaise with Landlord representative for details. £200.00