Understanding Possession Proceedings


Even if your agency does not get involved in the actual possession proceedings, your landlords will expect your staff to give valid, professional advice on what they need to do.

Your staff cannot give accurate advice if they do not understand what can be a complex subject.

This course is essential training for all staff who advise landlords or who may be involved with residential possession actions. It dispels any confusion about possession proceedings and is a good foundation for any agency that is considering offering a possession proceedings handling service to their landlords (an ideal additional revenue source).

Course Outline

The topics covered include:

  • Protection from Eviction Act 1977
  • Understanding the Five Ways a Tenancy Can End
  • Serving Notice - what must be in place
  • Tenancy Duration
  • Tenancy Types
  • Assured Tenancies
  • Assured 'Secure' Tenancies
  • Assured Shorthold Tenancies
  • Contractual Tenancies
  • Section 21 Notices
  • Court Proceedings
  • Fixed Date Action
  • Accelerated Possession Proceedings
  • Handling Trespassers
  • Procedure when the Tenant Wishes to Leave

The hidden advantage of understanding Possession Proceedings is the increased professional reputation your agency gains and the potentially retained clients because of the timely assistance you are able to give your landlord when s/he most needs it.