Management of HMOs


Are you risking unlimited fines?
It is amazing how many letting agents run the risk of unlimited fines, simply because they are not fully aware of how easily an ordinary rented dwelling can be turned - almost overnight - into an HMO when there is a change in the occupiers' circumstances.

HMOs are not just properties with a certain number of floors; it is how the number of households is interpreted. Even a 2 bed flat with two single ladies, one with a baby is an HMO. So, if there is a change to the number of households in a property, all the multiple occupancy regulations apply... even if it is a bungalow! And for each individual infringement of those regulations there is a heavy penalty... plus there is no ceiling to the number of fines that can be levied.

They soon add up, as the defendant in the Sidcup case discovered when he was fined £99,000 plus £5,835 costs for 22 reported offences. Eliminate that risk; make sure you and your staff completely understand the interpretation of HMO regulations.

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