Possession Proceedings


These two half day courses - Accelerated Possession Proceedings and Open Course Possession Proceedings - have a very practical focus.

We work with the real forms and go through "real" possession actions as though you were going to court, but using imaginary case material. Complete the notices, court application, see the forms sent to the defendant and back to you, see the judgement and even apply for enforcement of your possession action. These course are very "hands on", bring your pen! Time only permits addressing Housing Act tenancies with Accelerated Possession Proceedings covered in the morning and Open Court action (eg for rent arrears) in the afternoon.

Course Outline

We discuss the following:

  • Experience Accelerated Possession proceedings and Open Court actions
  • See the forms and complete them on the day
  • Discover how much of the process you can actually do
  • Find out how this could form another source of income for your business
  • Go to court with confidence!
  • From this course you will really see and understand how the process works.
  • Suitable for all property letting and management staff involved in the possession process, some basic possession knowledge is assumed.