Defeat the fat! Don't let blocked sinks ruin your Christmas!

Defeat the fat! Don't let blocked sinks ruin your Christmas!

Thursday 20th December 2018

Did you know that Britons will pour 15 million cups of turkey fat down the sink on Christmas Day alone? That's enough to nearly fill an Olympic swimming pool. It's also enough to block pipes and cause avoidable sewer flooding in your region.

Pouring fat down the sink can seem like the best way to get rid of it, especially when you're running around, cooking the turkey and stopping the sprouts from boiling over.

But if you pour fat down the sink, it will harden and congeal. This can cause blockages, making it impossible to flush toilets and use sinks. It will stink and if the blockages get lodged in shared pipes, they can affect several houses and even clog up whole neighbourhoods. And no one wants the cost and inconvenience of an emergency plumber at this time of year.

Getting rid of the turkey fat is easy and saves you
having to do the washing up straight away.

Let the cooking fat, oil and grease cool and set.

Scrape or pour into a container
(or just some newspaper).

Pop it in the bin or food caddy for recycling.

And you're done, free to watch the Queen's Speech and
have another mince pie. 'Tis the season.

Merry Christmas!